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What we do

Close the Customer Feedback Loop

Real-time customer feedback improves customer satisfaction, generates new leads, and protects your online reputation.

Customer Experience

IMPROVE | Customer Experience

Close the customer feedback loop gathering quantitative, actionable customer satisfaction data in real-time allowing you to quickly resolve problems and track your progress over time.

Proactive Alerts

Sent directly to your email informing you and your team of critical and time-sensitive matters

Problem Resolution

Easily document and manage customer complaints – from notification through resolution

Performance Tracking

Detailed analysis of satisfaction data through dashboards and scorecards enabling performance comparison across locations

PROMOTE | Positive Feedback

Use the information you gather to promote your organization on review sites like Yelp and Google.

Collect Feedback

Feedback can be automatically collected directly from those who know you and your company best

Build Reviews

Show your fans how they can best share their experience through popular review sites

Neutralize Fake Reviews

Diminish the impact of fake and biased reviews ensuring your happiest customers have an opportunity to share how your company helped them.

Promote | Positive Feedback
Protect | Your Reputation

PROTECT | Your Reputation

Leverage cutting-edge technology to proactively monitor and protect your online reputation.

Review Monitoring

Persistent monitoring of external review sites to better manage what people are saying when they leave your facility

Add Positive Reviews

Automatically ask verified customers to provide a review on your most valuable review sites

Respond to New Reviews

Quickly and efficiently respond to online reviews